Trusting God Along the Way

The past few weeks I have spent a lot of time researching my treatment options. The debate over whether to try antibiotics or a more natural approach weighed heavy on my heart. I felt that maybe I would need some of both to really attack the lyme so that I would be cured of it all. A few options for treatment led to dead end roads and I was starting to give up hope of finding a good doctor. My husband, the positive and supportive man that he is, did not give up the search.

He found a doctor in Pocatello, ID, about 4 hours from our home, that would treat Lyme Disease. I felt like this was the answer to my weeks of prayer. As I spent time seeking God, I had come to decide that I wanted to do this naturally. I feel that God never intended for us to kill the good along with the bad, but rather build up the good so that the bad is no longer able to survive inside us. It’s just like my spiritual life, if I fill my life with God, Satan can’t survive! So despite the financial burdens and the view of the mainstream medical community saying that I need to be on chemicals to kill this bacteria, I step forward in faith, because my God is bigger than all of that!

I feel so blessed that we found Dr. J, and that I am able to start my journey of building my body up.


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